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Jacob Sofianos

Head Coach

Jacob is the co-owner and Head of Powerlifting at Strength Club Perth, with a Bsc. Exercise and Sport Science (Human Performance) he has 10 years experience as a Powerlifting coach.

Jacob works with lifters on a local, national and international level. His roster includes national and international champions & record holders.

His process is built on a strong foundation of open communication, adaptive programming & technique modification.


  • Australian National Championships (7+)
  • 2023 IPF Open Classic Worlds
  • 2023 Asian Powerlifting Championships
  • 2024 IPF Bench Press Worlds ( Head Coach )
Danica Sofianos

Head Coach

Danica is the co-owner of Strength Club Perth, she has been coaching for 10 years and has a BA (Psychology & Counselling).

She is Strength Club’s go to power-building coach. As well as coaching powerlifting at a National level, Danica specialises in Bodybuilding preparation.

Danica works collaboratively with her clients to achieve optimal outcomes.

Key areas:

  • Powerlifting coaching
  • Bodybuilding coaching
  • Mindset
Cam Elliot


Cam works with a variety of clients with a range of different goals, including body recomposition, injury rehab and competitive powerlifting. His wide range of experiences, make him a well rounded and knowledgeable coach.

He has worked with men and women in sub-junior, open and master age groups with a range of experience levels, from novice to advanced level athletes. Cam has experience handling athletes from a local level all the way to the national platform, he is a qualified APA coach and can handle athletes at sanctioned competitions.

Cam understands the importance of the coach/athlete relationship and prides himself on his ability to communicate information in a digestible way that educates his clients on best practices.

Key areas:

  • Powerlifting programming
  • Body recomposition
  • Gameday coaching
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