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Strength Club was founded by Danica and Jacob Sofianos, they have been in the fitness industry since 2013, and started getting involved with powerlifting coaching in 2015. Seeing great success in the 2018 and 2019 National championships, and with their team continuing to grow, they opened the doors to Strength Club Perth in July 2021.

Strength Club is home to lifters of all levels, whether it’s those just starting their journey, looking to improve to the next level or heading to a high competition platform.

Their team is big on culture, expect to have a cheer squad the next time you’re going for that PB in the club!

The team work with athletes around the globe with their results proven online coaching model, They also offer in-person coaching with their club & private options.


We deliver tailored programming, technical feedback, nutrition and high contact times with your coach. We believe in working with the athlete to create the best system for them individually.


Strength Club is about the people, we are surrounded by a community of like minded individuals who train, support and encourage you. It’s what makes our club such a vibe.


Whether it’s just personal progression, body composition, heading towards your first novice meet, breaking records or the international platform – our team is here to support your goals!

How can we help you?


  • Online and In-Person coaching
  • Novice, Local and State competitions
  • Club Coaching hours on the gym floor
  • Education, Mentoring and Seminars
  • 24/7 gym memberships are very limited

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